Digital communication is our passion,
it’s right up our alley.

We keep pace with new tehnologies and we are always looking for new ways of communicating with existing and new audiences.

Whether we use existing tools or create something new, we approach each client with the same enthusiasm.

We love Google because it is measurable and analytical.

We love Facebook because it is widespread and effective, we can channel content towards individuals as well as target groups.

We love Instagram because it’s fun, it’s social, it’s fun, it’s friendly.

We love Youtube because our creative passion comes to the forefront, and we follow that pattern „ a picture is worth a thousand words“ and when we add motion, we get a true experience.

We are visionaries, often ahead of our time. We like to set new rules, enter dynamics and our signature is everything we do.

Content Marketing “Our content is our best having”

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Somm Media d.o.o.

Radnička cesta 80,
10 000 Zagreb, Croatia

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Phone: +385 (0)91 333 9532


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